Following Up On Developing Trends

This summer saw the introduction of a host of packaging innovations designed to make sure that the ice-cold beer in consumers’ hands stays that way. We recently reported on this trend in the August 2006 issue of BRANDPACKAGING (archives at
In keeping with its brand positioning of Rocky Mountain cold refreshment, Coors Brewing Co. has incorporated a “Frost Brew” liner into Coors Light cans. The liner is said to lock in the “frost-brewed” taste of the beer, and is called out on packaging with a blue band across the top of the can and a matching blue pull-tab. The liner itself, which can be seen inside the can, is also tinted blue.
“Rocky Mountain cold refreshment is the essence of the Coors Light brand,” says Jim Sabia, vice president of marketing for Coors Brewing.
This latest offering is one of a host of “cold in hand” innovations introduced by Coors and others. This summer also saw the introduction of an insulating Coors Cold Wrap label for beer in glass bottles, as well as specially designed glassware that helps keep beer colder longer for bar and restaurant patrons. And Canadian brand Labatt rolled out its Blue Cold One can, which consists of a layer of high-tech polymer sandwiched between two layers of film that insulates the can, in the US.