In a climate in which counterfeit goods account for 10 percent of world trade, security packaging is a critical deterrent. Sleever International’s Holosleeve concept ( provides the particularly vulnerable wine and spirits market with a targeted visual anti-forgery signature. The safety system combines a series of patented technologies, beginning with an OPS base film that “remembers” its deformation after heat shrinking, which makes it possible to create relief effects or 3-D patterns. The 3-D motif can be combined with up to six-color helio-engraving printing, in addition to highly precise positioning, and a range of special effects, including high-security demetallic holograms. The result is a multi-technology solution that can be adapted to each customer and product.
With food safety more important than ever, International Dispensing Corp. has introduced an aseptic dispensing tap that allows shelf-stable liquids in large-format packages to be dispensed safely and repeatedly over time, without refrigeration or power. IDC’s The Answer™ ( is a proprietary, user-friendly dispensing technology that prevents microorganisms and oxygen from compromising the safety, nutritional value and taste of the product inside. The format also eliminates the need to pour from heavy, cumbersome bulk containers and eliminates the spills and cleanup associated with such packaging. The Answer has consumer, food service and even humanitarian relief applications.
Recognizing kids’ natural abhorrence for utensils, industrial design firm Inveratek has developed CrushPak containers ( The packaging consists of a compressible, accordion-like cup that can be squeezed to dispense the product inside without the need for a spoon. The patented pack is especially suited for foods like yogurt that are thick or viscous. It can also be used with a spoon or as a dispenser to pop out the product. CrushPak’s benefits aren’t limited to convenience either—the flat-bottom container’s design requires less plastic than conventional single-serve cups, a source reduction that means less packaging enters the waste stream.