Kwikee, a provider of CPG imagery and brand-related data, has launched Brand Propeller, a turnkey service to help small and emerging brands create the agency-quality e-commerce-ready imagery and product data they need to propel their brand onto the digital shelf quickly, easily and cost effectively. The launch is part of Kwikee’s ongoing enhancements to help brands and retailers of all sizes efficiently commercialize their new brands in both the physical and digital worlds.

“Every day thousands of new products become available for sale and need a different kind of support, a support that wasn’t being provided in the marketplace,” says Mark Chaffin, Chief Information Officer of sgsco, Kwikee’s parent organization. “We created Brand Propeller specifically to serve these smaller manufacturers by providing them with high-quality product images optimized for the environment in which they’re being sold.”

Sgsco is the founding partner of the GS1 US Certified Content Provider Program, which offers small-business owners expertise in sourcing digital consumer-facing data in accordance with GS1 Standards. Brands that use Brand Propeller and have licensed a GS1 US Company Prefix also can subscribe to GS1 US Data Hub®, an online tool used to create and manage product data and barcodes that are shared with trading partners. 

The program was created to help brands find certified companies to help them with developing content for their products by leveraging GS1 Standards. This program assists these manufacturers with access to the knowledge and expertise of partners who know how to navigate complex retailer requirements.

“When we acquired Kwikee in late 2015, we knew we had to honor and preserve the relationships and expertise that took almost a half-century to build,” says Aidan Tracey, CEO of sgsco. “Additionally, we knew for Kwikee to continue to thrive and provide the best service to its clients, we had to expand and enhance their suite of services to offer a seamless end-to-end solution for the creation, management and distribution of brand assets and data for manufacturers of all sizes. Brand Propeller delivers on this promise and is uniquely poised to provide the kind of scalable and affordable service that small and startup manufacturers want, expect and deserve.”