The Christmas packaging for Cadbury’s Mini Rolls — produced by Graphic Packaging International — is a festive hit, as the brand is successfully introduced to the growing gift market.

The Cracker design is the latest example of GPI’s creative packaging for Premier Foods, says the company, coming hot on the heels of its innovative Halloween "broomstick" and "cauldron" packs, and being highly commended for its contribution to the company’s sales.

"Premier Foods wanted to create a range of quirky, innovative products that would appeal to the consumers’ sense of fun,” comments Lee Nowak, technical designer. “For the Christmas pack, we looked at ways to present the product as a gift and include elements where the pack could be personalized by the customer for this purpose.”

The concept wasn’t without its challenges — in particular, finding a solution that ensured the Cracker ends opened easily on the rectangular carton — but the state of the art prototyping equipment at GPI’s Global Innovation Centre enabled the designers to construct accurate samples and undertake product trials early in the development process in order to achieve perfectly realistic mock ups for the client.

The finished pack is a tablock end skillet, which can be quickly and efficiently hand packed with 12 wrapped cakes — and the rectangular end design was solved with a push-in cracker-style end. The striking Mini Roll brand colors are complimented with a printed bow and tag on top of the pack with a "To and From" area to be filled in by the customer, and a “With Festive Cheer” strapline.

Production took place at GPI Gateshead during August and September, and products have been extremely well received in stores since the start of the Christmas season.