BP1012_JO_Img7_I.jpgSoft drink Lemon & Paeroa (L&P) has been revitalized at the hands of brand design specialists Dow Design. The “World Famous in New Zealand” brand’s fresh, contemporary makeover aims to make the lemony drink a more compelling choice. Dow’s brief was to leave the brand clearly recognizable to its consumers as the L&P they know and love. As a result, the rebranding holds on to the brand’s iconic elements, while creating a stronger focus on L&P’s unique taste and refreshment promise. Part of the brief was also to communicate more vigorously the lemon flavor and refreshment. This has resulted in updating the iconic lemon symbol for clarity and impact, and retaining the New Zealand map which has been re-energized with a series of tiny effervescent lemon slices. To underline the flavor and refreshment messages, the rebrand is underscored by the raffish statement “Good Lemonish Stuff.”

Package Design:
Dow Design, www.dowdesign.co.nz