Hiball Energy, the pioneer of Sparkling Energy Water and Organic Energy Drinks, has been named the winner of BevNET’s award for the Best Energy Drink or Shot of 2012, in part because of its move to Ball Corporation’s 16oz aluminum cans.

The honor caps off a strong year for Hiball that was characterized by dramatically accelerated growth. The BevNET judging panel was impressed by Hiball’s decision to rebrand its successful line of products by moving from 10oz glass bottles to 16oz “cold-activated” aluminum cans by Ball.

“The move to 16oz aluminum cans from 10oz glass bottles was a result of feedback from our core consumers who desired a larger size and more portability,” says Todd Berardi, founder and president of Hiball Inc. “By moving Hiball to cans, we provide our customers 60 percent more volume with a 30 percent lower cost per ounce which allows us to use premium, fair trade certified and organic ingredients. Our mission is to provide the healthiest energy drinks for both our consumers and the environment.”

To enhance consumers’ experiences further, Hiball’s cans also feature Ball’s “cold activation” technology. A pattern of "sparkling dots" on the can turn from white to blue when the cans reach a temperature of 45 F (8 C), indicating that the beverage inside is cold and ready to drink. 

"Ball aluminum cans offer brand-building features, larger branding real estate and all the sustainability advantages of the can,” says Rob Miles, senior vice president, sales for Ball's metal beverage packaging division, Americas. "The can is durable, portable and 100 percent endlessly recyclable, making it the best container for sparkling energy water and organic energy drinks." 

At this week’s BevNET Live 12, Berardi shared some words of wisdom he learned while building the red hot Hiball brand. “Don’t be afraid to change, use your gut and make strategic partnerships,” Berardi says.