According to, Jon London, CMO, ​X2 Performance, “The brand is consistent with someone who is approachable yet a consistently strong performer who makes informed, thoughtful decisions.” They turned to brand design agency, Chase Design Group, to help redesign the packaging to effectively communicate the brand’s benefits, its personality and premium position.   

Founded by Dr. Ralph M. Ferrante, X2’s all-natural formula is a game changer in the category. Appealing to both men and women, the core target is adults, 18 – 49 who are more physically active than the average person and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Chase redesigned the X2 brand from the ground up with the goal of capturing the natural flow of energy that X2 delivers. New energy wave graphics, modern typography, and a clear hierarchy comprise the new brand look while the new logo is bold, distinctive and achieves the stature that the previous logo was lacking.