Tostitos, one of the world’s largest brand of tortilla chips and salsas, has unleashed what is meant to be a dramatic new design for its brand. The new visual language is designed to be more modern, vibrant and signal a party on site.

Long known as the brand that stands for bringing people together, in recent years the brand’s expression was more natural and healthy in the tonality. The new branding and packaging brings back the fiesta fun but in a way that feels current and dynamic.

Starting with the logo, the brand took a “larger than life” approach so that the name — Tostitos — almost bursts off of the package.  It broke out of the Aztec shape and brought more attention to the people in the center of the logo who are sharing chips and salsa.

The graphics are designed with a pulsating energy that radiates from the center and extends around the window of the packaging. According to Bill Less, design director at Frito Lay, “when people look at the new packaging we want them to feel the urge to dance.”

Look for the new packaging to be on shelf this January and for the roll out of the new Tostitos “Cantina” line. The Cantina packaging is inspired from upscale Mexican restaurants and is designed to be bright, energetic and authentic looking.