BioFlex Pack by AmpacAmpac, a leader in creative packaging solutions, has launched the BioFlex Pack, a biodegradable laminate for dry products.

Packaging components for the BioFlex Pack are made from strictly biodegradable materials, including the adhesive. Developed by Ampac’s Kirchberg, Switzerland product development group to service the growing demand in European markets, the material composition is designed to be fully biodegradable and compostable according to European regulation EN 13432 and U.S. ASTM D6400. Meeting industrial compostable standards, 90 percent of the material will be composted approximately 70 days after disposal.

The BioFlex Pack laminate is unique in that both the adhesive and inks used in the material are biodegradable, which allows customers to take advantage of Ampac’s 10 color flexographic capabilities for optimal shelf appeal. 

The BioFlex Pack laminate material needs little to no curing time, which provides an optimized supply chain time reduction of more than one week. BioFlex Pack is available as printed roll stock and as premade pouches. Suggested packaging applications include dry cereal or grains, tea and coffee products, powders or tablets, and wholesome or natural products.

According to Hansruedi Haeberli, managing director of Ampac’s Kirchberg facility, “Ampac is pleased to provide such a unique offering to our European customers, which includes a fully biodegradable and compostable component. It provides advantages to the consumer as well as to the environment.”