A few months back, I was scrolling through my feeds in Google Reader (“Good night, sweet prince, / And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”). As I rapidly swiped the trackpad, a product review caught my attention and gave me pause. 

The item looked like a product from skincare brand philosophy, but something was minutely, though definitely, off in the design. On further inspection, even the name sounded slightly awry from the brand’s usual phrases. I stopped to read the post. The product was a dupe. 

I can’t tell you which brand holds ownership of that evil, for I’m currently unable to find the post I swore I would remember. The contrivance may have come from a store label, or maybe it was the product of a challenging company. In either case, it demonstrated how much opposition brands face from knockoffs: be it private copying national design, national ripping of another national product, private imitating private — I'll stop there, but whatever possible scenarios are left have surely happened as well.

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Laura Zielinski, Editor-in-Chief