The story: Since 1998, New York-based Sprigs, an established accessory house, has had the mission of enhancing life by melding style and function into products of unique design. 

After 15 years in business, the brand’s members started 2013 off by asking themselves, “What would we do if we were starting our business today?”

The challenge: “We had all the benefits of longevity and experience, but we wanted to keep the edge of a brand-new start up, too. That drive, that freshness, that boldness,” says Val Viera, president of Sprigs. “You’ve got to keep recreating yourself.”

So recreate it did. Sprigs put everything on the table for this current year: the products, the brand identity and the packaging for its top seller, BANJEES wrist wallets. 

Sprigs partnered with Flood Creative, a New York-based brand design agency, to create a completely new collaborative team in order to take a fresh look at everything, including structure, graphics, advertising and retail presence.

Flood was charged with developing the cohesive new identity and visual language for the parent brand while still differentiating the individual lines and products.

The solution: According to Paula Grant, founder of Flood, “Our recommendation for Sprigs was to shift from a pure product focus to creating a true brand presence. We learned quickly that in the accessory world, seeing and touching the product is key. 

“The solution for the BANJEE line is an open sleeve structure along with iconography and typography that are telegraphic and intuitive. Sprigs’ core essence of active, happy and free inspired the bold new colors. And so now, every aspect of the brand speaks to these three key attributes.”

“We chose Flood because the agency fits our working style,” Viera says. “It too is a company that works off its collective creative energy, passion and brainstorming. There’s just no replacement for a bunch of great people in a room. The efficiencies go way up.” 

Grant agrees, “To find a team like Val has, who believes in us and us in them, who likes to lead versus follow, and then to be located just 30 minutes away, was just so unbelievably fortunate.”

With a new identity and new packaging, Sprigs is poised for its next growth spurt.

Flood Creative NY is an independent branding and design agency that was born from an entrepreneurial spirit. Clients include Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Pepperidge Farm, Unilever and ULTA. For more information, contact Renée Whitworth at