Mega Airless Green PackagingAccording to the company, Mega Airless’ German-engineered, airless, neutral and fully recyclable packaging solutions are being selected by both the growing ranks of multinationals and entrepreneurial, regional brand owners that adhere to strict corporate sustainability goals and offer advanced formulations that require the highest levels of protection.

Companies such as The Body Shop, MediPharma, Alverde, Carroten, Wellments and Le Petit Olivier have recently launched Mega Airless-powered products with new generation ingredients added to the bulk. Such firms are reportedly seeking to reinforce their eco-friendly positioning, an attribute that appeals to a growing consumer segment.

Mega Airless, one of the world’s largest all-airless package solutions providers, offers the neutral, all-plastic dispensing solutions that can protect and preserve such new-breed formulations and meet the requirements of the world’s most stringent certification bodies. In fact, the company has achieved an Ecocert conformity attestation for all its dispenser models: Micros, Mezzos, Minis, Midis, Macro Slims, Macro Compacts and Macro Ovals. Ecocert is an inspection and certification body for sustainable development.

In addition to being Ecocert conformity-attested dispensers, as well as meeting the requirements of NaTru, Oeko-Test and other certification bodies, the Mega Airless dispenser range earned a recycling certificate from COTREP, a leading governing body that recognizes and identifies innovative, sustainable packaging.

According to Mega Airless’ Eric Desmaris, business development director, “This is important news for those firms that base their core brand premise on a foundation of sustainability. Our approach to sustainability is simply this: Green packaging should not be special or optional packaging. Rather, our company believes that green packaging should be the norm, rather than the exception. Our credo is to ‘bake sustainability into the cake’ from product development and design, through the manufacturing process, and via enhanced supply chain efficiencies.”

In terms of product design, Mega Airless strives to use the least possible resources, especially raw materials. Material mix is avoided and the polyolefin family is preferred. Optimal fill volume is delivered to the consumer. Components are developed in a way that optimizes the ease of manufacture. Further, Mega Airless reduces the number of component parts, for performance and precision. Very viscous creams and gels are dispensed with up to 98 percent complete evacuation, for no waste of the bulk.

All-plastic materials are used, FDA/EP approved, for complete recycling. Post-consumer, recycled resins are used. And Mega Airless dispensers are designed without elastomers or silicon-based materials. The company’s manufacturing tradition aims to utilize only lean and environmentally friendly production.

Every Mega Airless dispenser is vacuum-tested inline — no transportation waste — and is designed to deliver precision dosing, quick-priming, superior evacuation and 360-degree operation — with no drips, clogs, drying or product contamination. In addition, Mega Airless’ mix-and-match product family reduces the size of the parts catalogue.