Soaper Duper, a new clean and green bath and body range has launched in Liberty, U.K., with environmentally friendly packaging by B&B studio.

The range uses the best naturally derived ingredients and is free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oil and colourants, amongst others, as well as avoiding any ingredients that can cause ocean contamination.

In a category more usually associated with style over substance, the Soaper Duper brand, product and packaging takes a unique approach, finding beauty within its commitment to naturalness, goodness and doing good.

Going Green

A key requirement from the outset was to make the packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, so that it would live up to the brand positioning and design.

B&B embraced this challenge and collaborated with the client and suppliers to develop packaging using high levels of recycled plastics, rather than virgin materials.

During the design process, a number of bottle colours were explored, but apple green, which had been used from the beginning, won through.

The green reflects the products’ natural credentials and provides an ideal canvas for the vibrant graphics to communicate to the consumer.

The Soaper Duper green is a bespoke colour and B&B worked with the suppliers to align the colour when printed across various print processes with the green of the physical packaging.

Good for the Environment

The green HDPE bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). 

Most of this material is made up from recycled milk bottles and recycled green bottle tops, which give the plastic a green tint.

Tubes have a maximum of 55% recycled plastic content because any higher and the tube starts to crinkle and is harder to squeeze.

Whilst the jars are currently virgin PP, they are currently all on test in PIR with the intention of phasing in PIR as soon as possible.

Graham Hawkins, production director, B&B studio, says: “This approach to packaging design leads to fewer plastics being sent to landfill, helps to support the recycling infrastructure and uses less energy, producing a lower carbon footprint than using virgin plastics.

“As Soaper Duper is a natural and ethical brand, the packaging needed to reflect this. It leads the way with the growing trend in personal care for natural brands to reduce their impact on the environment and for ethical brands which enable consumers to give a little back by buying into them.”

The Soaper Duper brand supports Water Aid and Clean the World to bring soap and water to communities that need it.