Daily's Cocktails

Materials/Technology, Pouches/Film

daily cocktails materials packagingAmerican Beverage Corporation’s Daily’s Cocktails, a collection of 13 single-serve, ready-to-drink favorites, was recently redressed in shiny silver polyfoil 10-oz. pouches adorned with drink shots and fruit images. The pack is a hang-ready pouch with an easy-open notched top and features a redesigned brand mark and updated logo. In 2011, the cocktails skyrocketed in popularity as freeze-and-drink pouches became “the next big thing.” Noticing the overnight success of pouches, competitors aggressively entered the market, compelling Daily’s to maintain its position through an accelerated marketing/advertising campaign that significantly increased brand awareness. Given the importance of the Daily’s Cocktails brand to ABC’s revenue growth, company management called on The Biondo Group, which has worked on the brand since 2006, to revisit the brand image of Daily’s packaging graphics across the entire brand. The new branding system presents Daily’s Cocktails consistently across all three RTD product segments. www.biondogroup.com