We asked you to vote for the packaging that most effectively tells a brand’s story through design and structure to connect with consumers, and the results are in!

The category winners were chosen by you, and the highest vote was given the People's Choice award. The Editor's Award was chosen by BRANDPACKAGING. Both trophies were awarded onsite at Packaging That Sells in Chicago.


People's Choice Award


Something Natural sparkling water
submitted by Little Big Brands

Something Natural blends sparkling water with fruit flavors without artificial sweeteners for a 30 calorie product. The package was enhanced for the female demographic who was buying the brand and placing the bottle in settings where it became art (as a vase, etc.), a trend noticed through social media.


The Republic of Tea iced tea
submitted by The Republic of Tea

The whimsical brand strives for its quality tea, herbs and Sipware to deliver a “Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp” experience. The package, designed to echo a 1940s look, seeks to express the enjoyment and relaxation that comes from drinking a classic American summertime drink.

Flexible Plastic:

Big Sexy Hair haircare
submitted by Viva Healthcare Packaging

Every woman wants to feel attractive. Sexy Hair’s stand-out splash of red intends to show that fun can be powerful. The package’s metallic shine aligns with the brand’s other line elements and is designed to appeal at shelf to women who want sexy hair.

Rigid Plastic:

Sundia fruit cups
submitted by CB'a Brand Engine

Sundia’s passion for fresh fruit’s health benefits was limited by its me-too branding approach. It wanted to tell its story of “real fruit, deliciously easy.” The Truefruit name was elevated, nutritional call-outs are intended to easily show consumers the product is healthy, and the package is designed to show off the product and the brand’s delightful personality.

Paperboard and overall People's Choice Award:

BodyBuilding.Com Elite Fuel
submitted by ThreeSixty, LLC

Bodybuilding.com found that those in the bodybuilding community were having a difficult time consuming the necessary calories and nutrition prior to competition. Its home delivery plan is designed to fulfill that need without the mushiness seen in similar microwavable products, thanks to steam pouch technology. The package is designed to translate the trust of the already-familiar supplement line to frozen meals.


Editor's Award

Ernest Supplies
submitted by Miloby Ideasystem

The premium line is meant to fit the lives of active, hardworking men who enjoy living well (and appeal to the women who care about the skin of their men). The all-natural formulation is made in the U.S. and designed to work in real life. The package was built on the brand’s reason for being and is designed to leave a small carbon footprint and protect the product inside.