These packages received the highest number of votes from the public. Here are your 2016 People's Choice Award winners!

The Brand Packaging 2016 Design Gallery awards were presented Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the Packaging That Sells conference held in Chicago. This year’s contest drew 84 entries in five categories: Flexible Packaging, Rigid Plastics, Paperboard, Metal and Glass. An award winner was chosen in each of the categories.

In addition, John Kalkowski, new Editor-in-Chief of Brand Packaging, chose one package for the Editor’s Choice award. This year’s winner of the Editor’s Choice is the Juice in the Box container, an elevated beverage container with a spigot. Thanks to an elevated base design, the box doesn’t have to be placed on the edge of a table anymore, giving the consumers the freedom to pour the product anywhere. This patented design using paperboard materials with a plastic liner creates a consumer-friendly experience and a smart and sustainable solution for beverages. The box does not take up additional shelf space in-store as the elevated base is inside the packaging, ready for assembly by the consumer before use. When empty, the plastic bag is easily removed from the box, helping with material separation for recycling. The paperboards used in the packaging are manufactured by Metsä Board. The package was designed and patented by Metsä Board, and it was produced by Metsä Board, BOBST, Kodak, Henkel, Marbach and Knauer.

The winners were chosen by an online voting process among Brand Packaging readers and by in-person voting at the conference, where attendees had the opportunity to see and handle the packaging first-hand.

Flexible Packaging Winner
Brand Name: Daisy Sour Cream
Brand Owner: Daisy
Credits: Aptar, Sonoco, Volpack, Continuum

Glass Packaging Winner
Brand Name: Thea's English Standard Tea
Brand Owner: Thea's English Standard Teas
Credits: Studio One Eleven, Berlin Packaging

Rigid Plastic Packaging Winner
Brand Name: POGO
Brand Owner: Eco Lips
Credits: Intel Plastics

Paperboard Packaging Winner
Brand Name: Lenox Tools
Brand Owner: Newell Brands
Credits: Newell Brands, RR Donnelly

Metal Packaging Winner
Brand Name: Irresistibles European Biscuits
Brand Owner: Metro Inc.
Credits: Eric Gagnon (Metro), St. Joseph Communications (Agency)

Editor's Choice Award
Brand Name: Juice in the Box
Brand Owner: Metsä Board
Credits: CBX