GlenmorangieGlenmorangie has re-released 50 bottles of Glenmorangie1963, a whisky distilled 50 years ago and then bottled in 1987 at 23 years old. Matured and then extra-matured between 1963 and 1987, this whisky is a celebration of the year it was distilled. Design agency ButterflyCannon has redesigned the bottles to be reminiscent of the time period using the original shape from 1963, with the addition of an engraved silver label and cap.

The bottles are encased in a "Time Capsule," a leather-strapped wood and metal box, celebrating the historic nature of this rare and precious whisky. Inside the protective case, there is a numbered booklet hand-signed by Dr. Bill Lumsden, director of Distilling and Whisky Stocks, containing information about the whisky and the year it was created.

Mike Atkinson, marketing manager at Glenmorangie says: "In addition to the rarity of the whisky, it is also the earliest known commercial bottling of a whisky that has been ‘wood finished.’ We wanted to create packaging that celebrated such an important and historic moment in Glenmorangie history. ButterflyCannon created the time capsule concept, capturing this special moment in time."