Brand agency CBX recently assisted start-up company LIQS with the design of innovative packaging and the formulation of other branding initiatives for its eponymous line of super-premium, ready-to-drink cocktail shots.

The CBX design team worked with LIQS cofounders Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer on a variety of efforts, including strategic alignment and development of the LIQS’ brand mark and package design. “We took our design cues from LIQS’ target customer, a sophisticated millennial who loves spontaneous get-togethers with friends, whether poolside, at the beach or boating,” says Gregg S. Lipman, CBX managing partner.

Sunny and stylish Miami, where LIQS was launched and is based, offered CBX inspiration for the package designs. The firm reinterpreted a sunburst in a series of colorful graphic bursts to correspond with each LIQS flavor — red-orange for Tequila Cinnamon Orange; yellow-green for Vodka Cucumber Lime; aqua-blue for Vodka Kamikaze; and red-pink for Vodka Lychee Grapefruit.

Produced in the U.S., each LIQS product comes in a 50ml recyclable, crystal polystyrene shot glass that’s sealed and tamper-resistant. The product is sold in a multi-unit package that offers three individually sealed shots of a single flavor. Each shot, as well as the outer packaging, carries the burst graphic.

“After many years of witnessing the love that consumers have with shots, and the lack of being able enjoy them at home as if made by a bartender, we set out for a solution that would give people access to quality shots they can take anywhere,” explains Glickman. “LIQS is a convenient and attractive alternative to a bartender and bar setup and a far cry from ‘test-tube’ style shooters. With the new packaging, we’re delivering mixology with the mixologist.”

LIQS is currently available at numerous liquor stores in Florida in advance of a strategic regional rollout.