M4MThe combination of simplicity and effectiveness which characterizes the Charlotte Meentzen M4M natural skincare range for men is being enhanced by the use of the Magic Star dispenser from RPC Bramlag, according to the supplier.

M4M Moisturizing Cream and After Shave Balm are now on shelf in Germany in the Magic Star container’s 50ml PP variant.

Its matte cap, colored plug and intended understated printed design dovetail to provide an elegant yet understated look, in keeping with the skincare range’s aim to provide products which combine simplicity with effective action.

Magic Star’s mix of functionality and style aims to deliver reliable dispensing of creams, gels and lotions for a variety of applications with visually striking design possibilities.

Designed for maximum versatility, Magic Star airless systems can handle products of many different viscosities, making it ideal for the personal care, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

The dispenser provides the optimum amount of product in one measure — in this case 1.5ml — avoiding inconvenience, and it can continue to operate smoothly even if air is trapped in the container.

Magic Star’s modular construction, with separate body and dispensing head, not only allows each pack to be tailored to specific requirements but also helps to provide a system which is easily filled and completed during the client’s production process.