Wild ForestArchitecture and nature in harmony. Such is the new men's fragrance by Spanish perfumery brand Armand Basi. Wild Forest seeks to reflect the perfect balance between the urban cityscape and the natural environment. The packaging, developed by Technotraf, places a glass bottle within a wooden container crafted from a single, solid block of ash, complemented by a matching ash cap. A rectangular window gives a view of the bottle and the fragrance inside.

The bespoke design is intended to be quite spectacular and set the product apart from its peers. Created by design studio Estudi Arola, the fragrance bottle has a rectangular shape, with a vertical column that juts out along the left-hand edge on the front face. For each bottle, a block of wood has been hollowed out using CNC milling machines to fit its contours perfectly. This includes a window that frames the vertical column.

The outer surface is tinted and finished to highlight the grain pattern, making it not only visible but also perceptible by touch. The branding is pad printed in minimalist black lettering. A small square wooden cap is designed to emphasize the pack's austere lines.

Wild Forest is available in 50ml and 90ml.

Technotraf Wood Packaging is a Quadpack company.