If given a few seconds, you could come up with a whole list of descriptors for the branding and packaging work you do: rewarding, meaningful, elating — and just as many not as positive or polite. You pour yourself into your projects; you push our industry forward, and we like to recognize your successes.

If you’ve been a BRANDPACKAGING reader for a bit, you’re most likely aware of the Design Gallery, our bound December issue that sings the praises of packages effectively telling brands’ stories through design and structure to connect with consumers. If you’ve been a subscriber for a bit longer, you are also aware of the book’s evolution.

Once only a freestanding volume, the Design Gallery has grown to include package display at Packaging That Sells, online voting and trophies. Those wonderful moving parts can be confusing, so let me break the process down. 

First, we have you join in on the fun: We’ve opened up the submission site (submissions.brandpackaging.com) for you to enter your best brand packaging. All submission forms must be completed and packages delivered by August 31.

Immediately after, online voting to determine your favorites — the People’s Choice — begins. You have until midnight, October 14 to cast your votes. Five People’s Choice trophies (one for each category) will be awarded along with an Editor’s Award trophy onstage at Packaging That Sells, October 15.

Last but not least, the very best of the best packages run in the Design Gallery annual this December.

 Look at the flyer on page 17 of the July issue for more information; keep an eye on the end of summer deadline, and if you have any additional questions, seek me out. We’re looking forward to honoring your work!