Ana's SalsaIPL, a leading producer of injected plastic packaging for the North American market, and Austin, Texas-based Ana’s Foods, jointly announce the first commercial customer for IPL’s SKINNYPACK Technology.

Ana’s Foods is the first company in North America to utilize IPL’s SKINNYPACK Technology container, for packaging its latest fresh salsa, Ana’s Salsa Restaurant Style.

IPL’s SKINNYPACK Technology is a thin yet strong packaging technology that fuses a flexible, printable film to a sturdy, rigid frame. According to the company, SKINNYPACK is environmentally friendly due to reduced use of plastic when compared to standard plastic food containers and is 100% recyclable. Ana’s Foods will reduce its use of plastic by 50 percent, contributing significantly to their sustainability efforts. Additionally, with the use of IML high-definition graphics, SKINNYPACK offers the opportunity for brand owners to shine on the shelf for greater shelf appeal.

In recent weeks, Ana’s Foods has been gathering consumer comments and reactions to the new container. Eighty-five percent of people surveyed liked it and said it attracted enough of their attention to generate a purchasing intent.

“The close collaboration between IPL and Ana’s Foods resulted in bringing a unique innovation from the concept stage to the consumer in six months," says Joel Sergerie, product manager, IPL. "This collaboration combined with IPL’s capabilities has been a win-win situation for both companies in achieving their speed to market goals.”