In the late 1990s, Joe McDonnell, founder and current CEO of For Life Products LLC developed the formula for All Floors Restorer, the original product and core of the company’s Rejuvenate line. These restoration products are designed to return wood, laminate and other hard floor surfaces to “New Again” condition. The Rejuvenate Home and Rejuvenate series also feature products for many other home surfaces including cabinets and furniture. Originally sold through TV shopping network channel QVC, eight years ago, the multi-year, rapid growth of the Rejuvenate line led to a national introduction into The Home Depot, followed by Menards and other home centers and hardware chains, as well as mass-market retailers, including Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. The full Rejuvenate line now numbers almost 30 SKUs. 

Last year, For Life Products analyzed its sales data to plan its future marketing. That analysis found that shoppers in the mass-market retailers where its products were sold tended to choose lower cost cleaning products for cleaning floors and cabinets over its more expensive Rejuvenate restoration products. 

“This presented an opportunity for us,“ says Jim Hampel, For Life Products chief operating officer. “We developed Rejuvenate Home, a new line of floor and cabinet cleaning products made with the same level of quality as our restoration products, but targeted specifically at the mass retail market.”

For Life Products decided that packaging the new products in slightly larger packaging would add perceived value for the more cost-conscious mass-market consumer. When it launched Rejuvenate Home at Safeway supermarkets in 2014, for instance, shoppers were introduced to the cleaning performance of the original line at a “value” price. The new bottles also needed to maximize shelf space to meet mass retailer demands. Another important goal of the project was to differentiate the new products from its restoration products, while still leveraging the brand equity of the quality Rejuvenate product line. 

For Life Products reached out to TricorBraun to design the new packaging that would accomplish these objectives.

“TricorBraun was very instrumental in achieving our goals,” McDonnell says. “They worked closely with us to develop a clean, simple message to consumers — through both the bottle design and the label graphics — that lets us project the brand value of the Rejuvenate name while clearly identifying the products as cleaning products.”

In addition to being larger, with 20-, 28- and 34-ounce sizes versus the 16- and 32-ounce sizes of the restoration products, the new bottles are now white rather than the silver of the restoration line. The triggers and caps are in the signature Rejuvenate purple, the color used in its packaging and logo. The bottle design echoes the restoration bottle design, with a flat front billboard to capture consumer attention, but with a slightly more angular shape that accommodates the increased product volume. 

“On mass retail shelves,” McDonnell points out, “products often get only one or two facings, and that front label has to capture attention immediately. TricorBraun’s design achieved that: The front panel is bright and eye-catching. It clearly distinguishes Rejuvenate Home cleaning products from Rejuvenate restoration products; when the consumer views the two bottles side by side, the difference is clear, yet the brand identity comes through.”

It was also important that the package be comfortable and functional for women, as they are the primary users of the product. That consideration affected a number of the design choices. Larger-sized bottles projected more value, but they could not be too heavy or unwieldy to use. Trigger sprayers, as well as the width of the bottles themselves, had to be designed to be comfortable for a woman’s hand.

TricorBraun designed the bottles and built the molds. The bottle labels are by Phenix Label, the flip-top closures by MeadWestvaco and the trigger sprayers by Guala Dispensing. 

The first Rejuvenate Home products began shipping in September 2014 to mass-market retailers and initial sales have gone have gone well. For Life Products has also begun a expanding its market further by introducing Rejuvenate Home into grocery stores.