Twenty years ago, in 1996, BRANDPACKAGING ran its first issue. Leading up to that release, the leadership saw a huge opportunity for brands — one that was being overlooked and underleveraged at the time: packaging. Our team saw packaging as much more than just a protective device for products, instead viewing it as a strategic aspect of building a brand.

BRANDPACKAGING has continued that unique vision for the last two decades, and the CPG industry has greatly caught up. Even in my duration as editor, the growth has been fast paced and incredible: Private label has moved from the budget option to bona fide brands; material advancements have brought us massive improvements in sustainability and the lessening of waste; and digital printing’s promise for brands has soared — these being only a fraction of the highlights. Packaging has leveled the playing field among brands and connected companies with their customers. The focus has changed from speaking at buyers as faceless, nameless masses to speaking with them as people and understanding their satisfaction matters.

I’m grateful for those who have been on staff throughout the years, who created BRANDPACKAGING's solid premise and built our voice on a lasting foundation, and I feel privileged to know from the backend the hard work, research and pure creativity you as brands, agencies, and manufacturers and suppliers are putting into packaging — building companies and bettering customers’ lives simultaneously.

Our mission for the next two decades and beyond is simple: to continue our responsibility of bringing our industry the best in brand packaging — its creation, implementation and success at market — and to always improve at it, just as you are expected to do as well. Keep visiting throughout May for additional anniversary specials including your favorite stories over the years, and watch for an exciting change coming in BRANDPACKAGING next month!