The design agency used a beautiful way to convey a differentiating feature about the brand. Don't you want to run your fingertips over the water-soaked areas? Customers definitely will, and brands that make a physical, tactile connection with their buyers excel at shelf. In The Changing Landscape of Branding and Packaging, Chris Rockwell, CEO of Lextant, says: “Consumers experience products and packages through multiple senses. Most companies seek to differentiate through a brand’s promise and pillars or core values, but they struggle with what these mean to consumers and ‘how’ to deliver these in the design of the product or package." Read on for the original story.
STUDIO SONDA in Vizinada, Croatia, recently helped create new labels for Piquentum, Vinski prodrum Buzet or Croatia.
Vintage dates are always denoted on the bottles, but how many of us really understand the meaning of the year the grapes were harvested? It actually witnesses the natural conditions in which the wine matured; it is its own biography. But with the use of pesticides and balancing flavors, the year shown on the bottle has eventually lost its meaning, because flavors are becoming ready-made and unrelated to the actual weather conditions.
To create a label for this natural wine, the creative team decided to raise awareness about the importance of understanding the year indicated on it. In cooperation with the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological service, the data on weather conditions in the territory of vineyards were collected, and the amount of precipitation proved to be a great tool to show graphically how much weather actually affects the diversity of nature every year. Circles, as standard meteorological rain symbols, show the amount of rainfall in a particular month. They have been reduced to basic symbols, considering that wine produced by nature doesn’t require additional decorations.
Credits for the creativity go to:
Brand: Piquentum, Vinski podrum Buzet, Croatia
Design Studio: STUDIO SONDA, Vizinada, Croatia
Creative Directors: Jelena Fiskus, Sean Poropat
3D shaping: Eugen Slavik