I’ll never forget when my brother told me to cook a lobster you drop it in the pot live. And then it screams until it is dead. Luckily, that appears to be a myth, since lobsters don’t have vocal cords and can’t feel pain. (And if that’s just what we all have to tell ourselves to sleep at night, then so be it.)

Recently, fish brand Mila ran a campaign with advertising agency Y&R Warsaw and creative lab Jack the Maker to convey the freshness of its fish to passing customers. The team used Wi-Fi and a proximity sensor to make the boxed fish appear as if it was still alive and flopping around inside it.

Is this packaging prank horrible to the emotions or just plain clever? Decide for yourself by reading the full story and watching the video at Adweek.com. At the very least, the packaging, a sleek white box with rich photography of fish, is beautiful!