Forge is an alliance between two very experienced design and engineering companies, Group 4 and Gyre9, working in a variety of categories including hardware, pharmaceutical, OTC/healthcare, medical products, automotive aftermarket, lawn & garden/outdoor living, personal care, food & beverage, housewares, industrial and many more.
Group 4 has 44+ years of problem solving experience for some of the world’s best known brands,creating and enhancing global brand experiences through research driven product, packaging and merchandising design.
Gyre9 is a product development company focused on the design, engineering and manufacturing of complete market ready solutions.
Together the Forge team offers a skilled group of over 30 strategists, researchers, product and package designers, mechanical & electrical engineers equipped to develop products from inception through sourcing and production.
Why is this News?
After 44+ years designing award-winning, market-disrupting products for companies large and small we’ve been witness to the compression in new product development timeframes as companies leap to gain market advantage – pressuring every aspect of the process. With so much at stake, ensuring manufacturability of a new product design that has been engineered to perform at optimal levels has never been more critical.
Enter Forge – a highly experienced, tightly integrated research, design, engineering and manufacturing group. We are devoted to bringing research-driven design all the way through production, tightening timelines, eliminating hand-offs and delivering tested, engineered and manufactured products true to design intent, cost parameters and well ahead of the competition.
Why would this be important to me?
If user insight, innovative design, expedited time-to-market, manufacturability and market success is the objective, you need a firm to carry the ball through the entire new product development process from research to manufacturing. Forge has been created to accomplish that goal.
For a line-by-line capabilities list across research, design, engineering and production check out If a conversation is in order call or write anytime.