Customers align themselves with brands that fit their idea of who they want to be or how they want to present themselves to others. And brands are told to be themselves and do what comes naturally to them. But for brands speaking their mind and giving opinions, how far is too far, especially when it comes to commenting on or promoting current events and happenings? Branding Magazine explores the issue in “Should Brands Be ‘In’ or ‘Out’ of the Political Debate?

Do you agree? Should brands leave politics out of their speech and marketing? What about national tragedies, celebrity deaths, or even happy events like sports games?

Our take, and others, is that it is best to leave these topics along. Some brands can handle them with aplomb, but many condolences and participation efforts fall short or seem very forced. If a situation directly applies, only then should you consider it, says Britton Marketing + Design Group. Even still, silence almost always is the best method for dealing with current events.