What better time for Cofabrill to shine than on its 50th anniversary? And there is no better way to celebrate than with a special anniversary pack in glittering gold. The French producer of professional paint Zolpan popped its popular paint pail into a brand new Metallic IML pack. Meanwhile injection molder RPC Superfos came to Verstraete IML for some shimmering Metallic IML labels. These were the just the ticket to get one of the company’s most popular products all dressed up to celebrate Zolpan’s 50th birthday.

Cofabrill blows out 50 candles

Zolpan belongs to the Cromology Group: a large world player in decorative paint products, operating throughout the world in over 50 countries. The brand's indoor paint, Cofabrill, has been a favourite among French painters since 1966. This qualitative, water-based satin paint is easy to apply, provides great coverage and has a beautiful glossy texture. In order to celebrate its golden anniversary in style Zolpan launched a special and limited edition onto the market.

IML labels replacing offset print

Zolpan created a stunning new design featuring a background of golden waves. When this offset decoration was tested on a bucket however, the results were disappointing. That’s why RPC Superfos proposed a Metallic IML label.

Benedict Adins, regional sales manager, South Europe at Verstraete IML, explains: “The Pantone colors are replaced by metallic colors, and you can see it straight away. When the IML pack is used the bucket of paint sparkles as though it were made of real gold.”

The team of RPC Superfos La Genète explains: “The IML technique ensures that our customer Zolpan can keep their original paint bucket. By using Metallic IML you get a magnificent metallized effect, so that Zolpan can re-use its authentic colors. The characteristics of the bucket, like the seal and the resistance against pressure, are preserved. Moreover, the logistic flow remains unaltered.”

Limited edition and collector’s item 

Meanwhile, the golden Cofabrill pack has become quite a collector’s item: everyone is after one. So you’d better be quick! The packaging can be found in the 150 Zolpan stores in France until the end of 2016. Marion Masse, communication executive Zolpan: “We were delighted with the quality of our golden birthday bucket. Verstraete IML gave us some excellent advice and carefully guided us through each stage of the project. We ended up with a lovely golden IML label that is reflective and sparkling. We would recommend Verstraete IML to everyone: their input is really worthwhile and the IML labels are of the highest quality.”