Boxed Water Is Better, a company that believes in offering a better option to plastic bottled water, has announced their partnership with Haralambos Beverage Company to expand their distribution to the Greater Los Angeles area and with John Lenore, to expand distribution in San Diego.
When choosing additional partners to aid in overall distribution growth, Haralambos Beverage Company and John Lenore were two companies that were a clear fit for the brand. Both share the passion and resources to provide consumers with a simple choice to purchase a more sustainable water option, they both also agree with Boxed Water’s commitment to sustainability by seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and through their support of reforestation efforts.  
“This partnership was a smart strategic move for all brands involved, and the support of these two like-minded companies, Haralambos Beverage Company and John Lenore, is instrumental as we continue to reach new customers and encourage them to reach for better,” said David Lee, Chief Operating Officer for Boxed Water. “Boxed Water, now being offered in additional stores throughout Southern California, provides the West Coast market a simple choice to buy a pure, sustainably packaged water.”
In addition to the newest expansion in Southern California, Boxed Water continues to see rapid growth throughout the U.S. with a number of additional distributors recently added to their expanding store count, including their recent partnership with Meijer to now be available in 170+ of their locations. Other store expansions include Target, Whole Foods, Giant Eagle/Market District, Holiday, Kum & Go, Hy-Vee and Fresh Thyme Market.