Boxed Water Is Better is back with its anticipated line of fruit flavor options.

"We heard the calls for more options and set out to create a line of naturally-flavored Boxed Water products" explained Boxed Water CRO, Robert Koenen. "But we weren't prepared for just how quickly they would sell out. We know a lot of people have been asking and we're pleased to be offering them again."

Launched in 2021, Boxed Water created four fruit flavors for consumers looking for healthy, tasty and eco-friendly options. Consumers had long requested an expanded range of products as a way to satisfy their thirst and stay sustainable. The return has been eagerly awaited since being met with overwhelming demand after being featured in theSkimm, Food52 and Brit+Co last year. In fact, last year's placement with specific retailers led to an immediate 33% incremental increase in demand.

Even with the relaunch, the core message will always stay the same. With "You Post. We Plant.", Boxed Water will continue its tree-planting campaign, where consumers are encouraged to post a picture of Boxed Water on social media with #BetterPlanet. In doing so, Boxed Water will plant two trees in our U.S. National Forests. In five years, Boxed Water has planted more than 1.2 million trees to support reforestation efforts in areas affected by wildfires and other natural threats through its partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). With the expanded product line now available on their webstore, Boxed Water™ hopes to plant even more. Product will be available via Amazon Prime in June.