The company partnered with Save-a-Lot in April of this year to introduce Enhanca Original, which utilizes its Dream Sense technology. The benefits to utilizing Lactic Acid are plentiful, including doubling as a preservative, reducing astringent notes typically found in fruit-flavored beverages, and enhancing the fruit notes naturally found in flavors.

Later in the year, Dream Pak partnered with H-E-B to introduce Enhanca Hydratethe first true 'Hydration Liquid Mix' in the beverage category. Available in two refreshing flavors, each serving delivers 500mg of Electrolytes in a convenient, on-the-go squeeze bottle. "Powdered Hydration Mixes exploded onto the scene just a couple of years ago, but none of the major entrants have been able to develop a shelf-stable liquid version," according to Tarick Gamay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for DreamPak. "We intend to change the game with our product, now available at 200+ locations in Texas."

Continuing with its aggressive innovation pipeline, the company is partnering with Lidi to make both its Original and Energy branded offerings available at all its locations. DreamPak will also make all of its Enhanca offerings available on Amazon, including its Iced Tea and Lemonade offerings which reinvent these classic beverages. "We are extremely proud to introduce our brand directly to the consumer across numerous channels. Further, DreamPak is partnering with select retailers to offer its innovations under their private brand."