Bemis Company, Inc. has just introduced a new bio-based polymer film for the Lawn & Garden market as part of an initiative to create alternate packaging material from renewable resources. The new Lawn & Garden package contains up to 90% plant sourced raw materials comprising 100% sugar cane derived polyethylene.

The new Lawn & Garden bag offerings are designed to have the same toughness and strength properties as traditional structures and provide for additional package formats. Additionally, the bags carry the #4 recycle code and may be recycled at store drop off locations. Other end use applications include industrial, building materials and agricultural chemical.

“We strive to help our customers meet their green initiatives by finding new ways to innovate packaging materials with alternate raw material sources,” said Hari Reddy, Vice President of Research and Development for Bemis North America. “Bemis’ new bio-based material allows customers to offer durable high-performing packages while meeting their sustainability initiatives.