A two-compartment package—with the bottom container snapping into the base of the larger top bottle—is being used to launch a portable, shelf-stable cocktail line. Called the Clasper bottle, the package development was driven by brand owner Yumix’s desire to give adult consumers a great tasting cocktail, which they could mix themselves anywhere, anytime.

The Clasper bottle is engineered by Plastic Technologies, Inc. It is a combination of two PET containers and a shrink label.  The bottom holds 50 ml of premium alcohol and features a heat-applied aluminum-foil seal. The main bottle holds 6.5 ounces of hot-filled, shelf-stable juice and is topped by a 38-mm polypropylene closure. Added visual appeal is provided by shrink-label graphics which also include usage instructions. 

To use, the consumer simply tears open the shrink sleeve at the seam between the top and bottom containers, separates the containers and pours the alcohol into the juice to create an instant cocktail. The bottle concept is the brainchild of Yumix founder Alex Garner. It occurred to Garner that adding alcohol to those juices would create a perfect drink for adults on a warm day, but he was concerned about premixing the components. Portability, as well as taking the guesswork out of cocktail mixing and achieving a great flavor profile, every time, were just some of the objectives.   www.drinkyumix.com  •  www.plastictechnologies.com