Soaper Duper, a new clean-and-green bath and body range has launched with environmentally friendly packaging by B&B studio in the U.K. The product line uses naturally derived ingredients, while avoiding any ingredients that can cause ocean contamination.

In a category that may often emphasize style over substance, the Soaper Duper brand, product and packaging takes a unique approach within its commitment to naturalness and doing good. A key requirement was to make the packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, so that it would live up to the brand positioning and design.

B&B collaborated with the client and suppliers to develop packaging using recycled plastics.  Apple green was chosen as the base color to reflect the products’ natural credentials while providing an ideal canvas for the vibrant graphics. 

Graham Hawkins, production director, B&B studio, says: “This approach to packaging design leads to fewer plastics being sent to landfill, helps to support the recycling infrastructure and uses less energy, producing a lower carbon footprint than using virgin plastics.”   •