Brand agency Smith Design has received five Package Design Awards for their work in this year’s Graphic Design USA competition. This includes packaging for clients B&G Foods Green Giant, Hormel Culinary Pairings, Sakar Vivitar, Swiss Valley Farms AmaBlu and Ito En Matcha LOVE.

“We are delighted with the recognition,” said Jenna Smith President/CEO of Smith Design.  “We also would like to thank our clients for their continued partnership.”

For more than 37 years, Smith Design, a brand design agency based in Morristown, NJ with offices in Carmel, CA and Fort Lauderdale, FL has delivered compelling design solutions for leading brands and companies.

The goal of the GDUSA Package Design Award competitions is to focus attention on areas of growth and opportunity for graphic design professionals, to recognize the best work being done in those arenas, and to emphasize the value that graphic design brings to business and society.