Oracle Packaging, a provider of flexible packaging solutions for the healthcare, consumer, tobacco and industrial sectors, offers child-resistant laminates for the secure packaging of pharmaceutical and personal care products.

Oracle Packaging’s pouchstock laminates meet heightened industry specifications for applications requiring child-resistant functionality and provide excellent protection against moisture and oxygen. A durable sealant layer provides both low seal initiation temperature and a broad sealing window.

The child-resistant pouching materials are comprised of PET/Aluminum Foil/Sealant. Offering high levels of puncture resistance, machinability and seal integrity; the laminates are available in 10 colors in both printed and unprinted rolls. The high-gloss materials can be printed on both sides.

“Oracle Packaging prides itself on being a preferred manufacturer of industry-leading flexible laminate packaging to leading healthcare and personal care companies,” says Andrew Starr, director of Oracle Packaging. “The child-resistant pouchstock product line is an example of our versatility in delivering reliable solutions to customers for stringent packaging requirements.”