While most tea packaging has focused on heritage and tradition, Tstix Teas, based in Phoenix, is focused on bringing a whole new way to enjoy teas. Tstix teas are packaged in a perforated stick pack with more than 1,000 micro-perforations in each one. There are no strings, tags or the mess associated with a dripping teabag.

Australian designer Geoff Stuart, who also invented Tstix, wanted to reflect the innovation in the overall package, too, which is why he packages the sticks in cup packages. He also took the design one step further by searching the world for artists to showcase their work on the cup.

“We wanted art that would add to the Tstix experience, where each cup related to the personality of the tea variety and created a smile,” he says. “Tea is about relaxing and enjoying the moment. Hopefully, the art we are showcasing will add to that enjoyment.” The artists represented come from Canada, the Philippines, Denmark, France, Bulgaria and Australia. Tstix teas are sold on Amazon. www.tstix.com