In recent years, the unboxing experience has become crucial to the success of subscription box companies. Over 2,000 subscription box services exist in the U.S., and as of March 2016, visits to subscription box websites have skyrocketed by over 3,000 percent in the last few years.

Needless to say, subscription box business is booming. But how do you set yourself apart from the crowd, especially from a high-end perspective? The bottom line is, by offering more value and going the extra mile for your customers, you can simultaneously increase subscription numbers and foster brand trust, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

Below, you will find a handful of stellar tips on how companies such as PakFactory are able to take an otherwise lackluster subscription box design and transform it into a high-end unboxing experience that wows customers while providing invaluable return on investment.

Printing and Artwork

Subscription unboxing videos have become ubiquitous, and they tend to highlight that all-too-important element in customer experience: the first impression. This is where a subscription box’s artwork and typography come into play, and high-end appearance is achieved with a balance of simplicity, minimalism, and sophistication. When executed successfully, your customers are gifted with an elegant and luxurious experience.

Clean and uncluttered elements bring about an air of luxury and refinement, but don’t relegate your design to what you may “think” is high-end. Go ahead and experiment with subtle, soft, and warmer colors; employ stylized logos, imagery, and lines; and present it all with custom typeface — try serif or sans-serif letterform for a fancy, bold, or minimalist look — that succinctly communicates your brand.

The key to pulling off a great design is to embody your brand cohesively. Make sure that all elements of your box design work in concert without any one element garishly poking out.

Box Material

Quality materials play a big role in how a customer perceives your brand. When customers touch packaging, they instantly recognize the tactile difference between cheap materials and luxurious ones.

One way to improve in this department is by opting for higher quality corrugated boxes or rigid boxes if you are willing to pay the extra cost. These types of boxes are versatile and offer myriad style options to suit your brand’s needs with high-quality design. The last thing you want is for your customers to be turned off by the quality of your packaging material, no matter how great the products are inside the box.

Consistent Branding

Consistency is the hallmark of a successful brand. This extends to box presentation and those unique touches that distinguish high-end products. Where applicable, use branding via thank you cards, welcome notes, messages, etc. as a nice extra touch. Maintaining consistency in colorway, logos and other design elements, and overall packaging is paramount as well.

It all comes down to the quality of your product. If your products are luxurious but your packaging isn't, your goal for a high-end brand may become problematic. By maintaining consistency, it will help to guarantee strong brand recognition across the board.

Products and Inserts

So how do you build trust with your customers? One way is by including inserts. These can be comprised of branded promotional discounts, branded thank you and welcome cards, and informational material pertaining to the enclosed items. This not only enhances the unboxing experience but also let’s your customers know that you’ve gone the extra distance to show they are valued and appreciated.

Coating and Additional Options

Additional options can help to enhance the high-end appearance of boxes. These can include foil stamping, embossing and spot UV. Adding gold foil to the paper stock, for example, can significantly bolster visual interest. On top of that, it can potentially raise the value of the products inside the packaging. Win-win situation!

Product Organization

Packaging inserts are another important element. Aside from the utilitarian function of separating and protecting precious cargo, packaging inserts also provide the structure for great product presentation. Types of inserts include cardboard, foam, molded pulp (similar to paper mache), and molded plastic. If you decide to incorporate foam or molded inserts, make sure to take advantage of the various shape options that are at your disposal.

Providing an organized product placement inside a subscription box shows that a company values their products and customers. It also signifies that you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that the products are presented nicely and will arrive in pristine condition, ready to be enjoyed by appreciative customers.

With all the exciting opportunities available in the subscription box market, one should keep in mind what it takes to differentiate subscription boxes from the pack. Remember that your brand’s success hinges on more than just a fancy logo, and it’s imperative to hone several aspects of the overall package, so to speak. Become well-versed in the language of your brand, understand how it translates to your customers, and execute your vision consistently. With these tips, you should be on your way to presenting your customers with an unforgettable unboxing experience.