Hobgoblin, one of the UK’s leading beer brands, is now available in a 5-liter Ardagh Group beer mini keg for both its Ruby and Gold versions. The brand’s owner, Marston’s, chose the Ardagh keg because of its new, smoother “pull and tap” action. This innovation is intended to provide home consumers the same experience of a pint being poured in their favorite pub.

Other important features include a new venting system, an airtight resealable plug that increases shelf life by several days once the keg is opened, and a large surface area that takes full advantage of the product’s highly distinctive branding.

Ardagh’s range of kegs includes the Top Keg Plus, available in 3.1 and 5 liters, with an integrated CO2 pressure control system to keep the chilled beer fresh for up to 30 days. Both types of kegs can be filled on existing filling lines. Metal kegs are impermeable and provide a barrier against light, gas and oxygen.  www.ardaghgroup.com