Divine Chocolate has undergone a packaging refresh with the new sharing bars landing in stores across the U.K., U.S. and the rest of the world by the end of 2017, and rolling out on the rest of the product range in 2018. The new design taps into consumer trends including demand for transparency on the provenance of ingredients, caring about the nutrition of indulgent treats and their sustainability impact, all of which have accelerated in the last five years.

Divine appointed Lewis Moberly to lead the strategic design development for the change. Great care was taken to maintain important brand assets such as the intricate Divine logo, accents of gold and bold colors, and the recognizable pattern of adinkra symbols. The changes mean the brand is bolder against the cleaner one-color pattern and what makes Divine unique in a crowded competitive set has also been highlighted on pack: "Owned by Cocoa Farmers" in a foiled and embossed in a new quality seal.

The new design also aims to boost impulse purchases by improving communication for premium chocolate decision-making. The product name is more legible and more prominence is given to the percentage of cocoa. (Divine research shows more than half of premium chocolate shoppers look for this when choosing quality chocolate.) This key information with the logo sits inside a new subtle heart, radiating from the heart of the logo. Contemporary, clean and sophisticated, the refreshed packaging will help chocolate explorers navigate the range on a busy shelf and appeal to thoughtful chocolate explorers.

Divine has made ethical commitments across its range for many years, but only communicated these consistently through marketing channels. Ethical credentials now communicated on every pack include:

  • no palm oil or soya
  • all vegetarian with suitable choices for vegans (with a new Vegan Society certification)
  • 100% pure cocoa butter (no vegetable fat substitutes)
  • 100% FSC-certified and recyclable paper and card
  • being a certified B Corp.
  • commitment to no artificial and all natural ingredients

Marketing Director Charlotte Green explains the rationale behind the packaging refresh: “Consumers are rightly becoming increasingly interested in what’s behind the food they are buying and as a trusted ethical brand we realized that we needed better to communicate what makes ours seriously good chocolate.

“We are already recognized for our luxury brand name, our distinctive packaging, commitment to Fairtrade and delicious chocolate. Now we want people to know we’re owned by the farmers that grow the cocoa, because it’s what makes us special and drives brand loyalty.”

The new Owned by Cocoa Farmers seal is proudly stamped on every pack, and curious chocolate lovers can find out more on the back and inside of every wrapper. Knowing the Fairtrade cocoa in our chocolate is grown by family farmers in Ghana and that they receive 44% of Divine profits is something that consumers love to discover, so they can feel good about treating themselves and others to Divine chocolate.