Pacific Foods, leading producer of organic soups, broths and plant-based beverages, teamed up with packaging design firm Voicebox to refresh the brand’s packaging to celebrate the high quality and holistic simplicity of its products and ingredients. Voicebox’s design brings vitality, freshness and consistency across all Pacific Foods SKUs, making it easy for consumers to identify a Pacific product on shelf.

Pacific’s new look transforms the Tetrapak carton into a natural backdrop of a wooden cutting board or white rustic farmhouse plank. These backdrops allow the packaging to effectively communicate each product’s whole food ingredients, nutritional benefits and flavor.

Pacific’s broths and soups are bursting with flavor and its new packaging draws in consumers through rich visuals that depict warmth, satiation and appetite appeal. Garnishes add color to Pacific’s hearty bowls of soup and steaming broths. Each product’s raw ingredients are naturally featured on a wooden cutting board, evoking cooking aromas and flavors from one’s own kitchen. The overall result is a clean, wholesome look that captures the flavors and pure ingredients of Pacific products in an easy-to-spot-and-shop package.

Pacific’s line of plant-based beverages now shows ingredients as the focal point rather than the beverage itself. Ingredients such as coconut, almonds and hemp seeds capture the consumer’s attention. Soft pastel color blocks are placed in the middle, upper portion of the containers to further simplify the product selection process by including all key information including the product type, attributes such as of organic, non-gmo, “free-of” and other select nutritional benefits, in one location.

Given Pacific Foods’ innovative nature, an important component of the redesign is the development of a packaging brand book. Through its partnership, Voicebox is creating brand standards that enable Pacific to easily apply the design system of font styles, communication hierarchy, package architecture, and brand blocking to all new products and line extensions.

“We chose Voicebox as our partner because of its proven expertise in the natural foods industry and ability to create effective design systems that stand out on the shelf. We’re really happy with the results,” said Tisdale.

As part of the rebrand, Voicebox also updated Pacific’s logotype and added “Foods” to the emblem to reinforce its position as a food company. Additionally, the packaging communicates Pacific’s mission to nourish every body, including communities and the environment, as well as its dedication to producing the highest quality products from carefully sourced, premium, simple ingredients. The new packaging is scheduled to hit shelves in summer 2018.