Metaphase Design Group Inc., a leader in the research, ergonomics and design of hand-intensive products and packaging, is an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). 

Amazon designed APASS to help support vendors, sellers and manufacturers to obtain certification of their products as Frustration Free Packaging (FFP), Ships-in-Own-Container (SIOC) or Prep-Free Packaging (PFP). Metaphase provides APASS services directly to vendors, sellers or manufacturers related to packaging design to comply with Amazon’s packaging guidelines.   

“We look forward to helping businesses meet Amazon’s forward-thinking packaging requirements,” said Dr. Bryce Rutter, founder and CEO of Metaphase Design Group. “Amazon’s APASS program aligns with our mission of designing packaging without plastic clamshells, wire ties and other redundant packaging features, so the package is intuitive and easy to open, eliminating 'wrap rage' for customers.”

Metaphase will provide user experience and package design services to Amazon vendors who received guidance from Amazon’s Packaging Engineering team, who drop, squeeze and jostle thousands of packages with machines that precisely simulate the entire journey of a package to customers. Only packages that successfully pass this rigorous testing program are certified as part of Amazon’s APASS program.

As of December 2017, Amazon’s sustainable packaging innovations have eliminated 215,000 tons of packaging material and avoided 360 million shipping boxes. Customers can search for products available in Frustration-Free Packaging on the product detail page, and then choosing that option before adding products to their cart.