Nestlé unveiled the first chocolate bar using its new sugar reduction technology. Milkybar Wowsomes are said to contain 30 percent less sugar. The bar is white chocolate and will not contain artificial sweeteners.

The new bars achieve the sugar reduction using only natural ingredients and with no sweeteners. It uses milk as the No. 1 ingredient ad contains crispy oat cereal.

Nestlé said that its scientists created "an aerated, porous sugar that dissolves more quickly in the mouth." It's made by spraying a mixture of sugar, milk powder and water into warm air. "The milk stabilizes the spray-dried sugar and stops it becoming too sticky," Nestle added.

The company says that this process will allow those eating the chocolate to taste the same sweetness but using less sugar. Plans are to apply the technology to children's chocolate brands.

The chocolate will be introduced in the  U.K. and Ireland, where lawmakers have been applying pressure on food manufacturers to reduce levels of sugar. 

"We announced earlier this month that we have taken out more than 60 billion calories and 2.6 billion teaspoons of sugar from across our food and drink portfolio in the last three years," said Stefano Agostini, CEO of Nestlé U.K. & Ireland.