Dior’s latest compact featuring its celebrated quilted motif just hit the market. Texen Industries has produced this iconic pack with new technical and aesthetic specificities. In a limited-edition version, it displays a refined look, which is a collaboration between the House of Dior and Texen Industries.

The emblematic lid is made from ABS injected in the mold, which integrates the dedicated décor as well as the brand’s logo, before the application of a metallized layer in a silver shade.

The base is created in two stages. First the inner dish is injected with one of four colors to exactly match the reference of the powder it will hold. This insert is then placed in the press by a robot before the over-molding of its outer contour with injected crystal SMMA. A silver border is hot-stamped on to highlight its rounded form.

The base and lid are assembled with a pin and held closed thanks to a catch, and the mirror within the lid is sourced and assembled by Texen. The packs are delivered pre-assembled to the brand, which then takes care of the filling.