I wasn’t always a dog person. Fourteen years ago a Chihuahua mix abruptly came into my life (long story short, his owner moved out of the country). The uninvited little gremlin wreaked havoc on my life. This was in 2004, and at the time Lamisil's entertaining-yet-disturbing toe fungus commercials featuring Digger the Dermatophyte were unavoidable. My uninvited little dog-monster’s resemblance to Digger was noted and he got a new nickname on the spot: Gremols. Eventually the destruction stopped but the name stuck. By the time his original owner returned, we were inseparable. He’s been all mine ever since.

Now I’m one of those pet parents who wants my dog to live the same healthy lifestyle that I do. Blue Dog Bakery CRO Eric Koppleman (who contributed to the cover story) will be presenting at Packaging That Sells, and I’m looking forward to hearing what else he has to say about the growing pet market.

Another contributor to the cover story, Little Big Brands founder and chief creative officer John Nunziato, will also be at PTS discussing how building a successful brand is part logic and part magic.

This issue also has insight from two more PTS presenters: FORMA Structural Packaging and Design Packaging, Inc. creative director Evelio Mattos, who reveals the emerging trends we’ll be seeing in 2019, and LUNAR managing director, Mark Dziersk, who makes a case that it’s not enough for packaging to be good—it has to be inspiring.

There’s still time to experience many brand owners’, agencies’ and industry experts’ perspectives on branding, design and trends in person. It’s amazing how a new perspective can change everything.

Go to packagingthatsells.com to reserve your spot.

See you in Chicago!