Berry is determined to build a sustainable future and recycling the Earth’s resources is an important component of that.  The company has collaborated with leading resin providers from around the world to develop beautiful, high-performance beauty and personal care packages with ever-increasing PCR content.


Verdant bottles, jars, tubes and closures have PCR content percentages currently ranging from 25 percent to 100 percent and the company is continuously working to improve those numbers.  Stock and custom product lines are available in PET, HDPE and PP resins, color matched to your preference. “Our engineers have worked hard to ensure that Verdant products have the same bounce back, squeezability, feel and barrier of non-PCR packaging”, says Mark Deutsch, director of product development,  “and, since Verdant packages can be fully decorated just like our regular packages, customers will have plenty of options for product differentiation.” Decorating options include soft touch, registered embossing, silk screen, hot stamping, cold foil and premium flexographic printing.


Current Verdant Product Offerings Include:

  • Bottles – Cylinder and bullet styles in 100% RPET
  • Jars – Single-, double-, and heavy-wall in up to 100% recycled content
  • Tubes – Laminate tubes with up to 75% recycled content
  • Closures; Continuous thread/non-flip-top in up to 100% recycled content (color limitations with greater than 10% PCR)
  • Closures -Flip-tops in up to 50% recycled content (color limitations with greater than 10% PCR)
  • Overcaps – In up to 100% recycled content in black and grey only, with up to 50% with color limitations


Beauty and Personal care companies have committed to offering more sustainable packaging and consumers are demanding it.  “Verdant PCR packaging is a proven and substantive way to support those sustainable packaging goals and protect what is important to all of us”, says Rebecca Vara, vice president of sales – personal care.