The challenge for the Chase Design team was to redesign the brand identity and update their visual language without sacrificing its unique character and history. This began with an analysis of multi-national, multi-faceted B2B brands for inspiration and context. According to Chris Lowery, CEO, Chase Design Group, “We explored how to retain the strength of the former letterforms and the heritage blue color while creating a forward-thinking expression of the brand that would capture its rich past while acknowledging future innovation. The core of the new logo is strength, craft, and heritage.”

Bold letterforms communicate the company’s strength and attention to detail while referencing Nissha’s engineering expertise. The “s” letterforms are designed to evoke the flow of a substrate through print rollers. The heritage Nissha blue reinforces the brand in secondary graphic elements, photography and backgrounds. “What we love most about the resulting system is that it’s flexible enough for global applications while consistently communicating our heritage, core values and future vision,” says Junya Suzuki, CEO, Nissha Co., Ltd.

Chase Design Group also developed brand guidelines.