Consumer behavior is changing as environmentally conscious consumers seek out brands that reduce waste and are good for the environment. According to Mintel, 43% of US consumers agree that reducing packaging waste is important to them. Sustainability efforts are an integral part of brands, with a focus on the life cycle of products from raw material to end of life.

Aptar is committed to incorporating sustainability at all levels of the business. The newest sustainability strategy focuses on five key areas: people, circular economy, solutions, operations, and suppliers/partners. Within this strategy the solutions pillar is comprised of a dedicated team focused on designing products and processes with people and the planet in mind. Aptar believes the packaging industry must be circular, with repeatable and positive effects on people, planet, and products.

“Being able to produce 100% PCR closures in color with a high degree of color consistency is a major milestone in our sustainability journey” said Aptar Beauty + Home VP of Sales, David Griffin. “This unique capability means our customers no longer have to sacrifice brand identity as they work to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Aptar Beauty + Home has found the right grade and supply of PCR material that allows the company to maintain its high product performance expectations. The result is a color matching process for a broad palette of custom and stock color solutions that passes extensive internal testing and will deliver a positive customer experience in performance and aesthetics. The Aptar approach, with quality controls in manufacturing and supply, overcomes color and hinge limitations often experienced with PCR materials.

Aptar has qualified many of its most popular stock closures in 100% PCR including Disc Tops, Snap Tops, and Tube Tops.