Stolen Spirits, known for creating the world’s first smoked rum and award-winning 11 year-old single-grain whiskey, announces the launch of Stolen X, the newest drink of Stolen craft spirits.

Based on a pre-prohibition spirit known as “Rock & Rye,” Stolen X is made with straight American rye whiskey, and then blended with organic raw honey and real orange peel. The aged rye whiskey and all-natural ingredients create a smooth and perfectly balanced flavor profile similar to that of an Old fashioned. At 80 proof, the whiskey stands proud with subtle notes of honey and citrus that bring a smooth finish. Stolen X is perfect as a shot or can be enjoyed over ice.

The Rock & Rye whiskey is available in California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Texas. By 2020, the brand aims to be in more than 30 states. It is available in 750ml bottles and this summer, the brand plans to launch a 1 L bottle and 100 ml cans.